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Effortless Methods to Make Money from Your Old Junk


Have you been struck by the Marie Kondo craze that has fashioned a fad streaking the world? This vogue engendered by the author created a massive impetus on numerous individuals to purge their homes, embracing dearly relics that spark joy while relinquishing the clutter.

But before you toss those antique junks, here are some effortless methods to make a buck while you are at it, from those vintage hot wheel toys that can bestow on you millions worth a Porsche to those antique books that can shower you with $40,000. Therefore, embark on that voyage and unravel these antiquities lying around to transform you into a millionaire overnight.

Selling clothes to a consignment store

If your clothing looks stunning, but you no longer desire it, do not give a second thought but sell it to a consignment shop and earn your quick buck. There is a melange of consignment shops ranging from extravagant to affordable ones. Therefore, this is pretty simple; it all depends on the clothes you want to vend. The better the condition of your cloth, the more likely you earn decent money.

Most often, the seller is charged a 25 to 60 percent commission so that the store can cosset in profit, which means that you are also guaranteed profit, so indulge in extensive research about the store you pick.

consignment store

A plethora of Apps to Sell your Clothes

You can upload a fancy picture of your clothing item and share it with almost 5 million shoppers deploying Poshmark. You have all liberty to price your clothes as it befits, and you are even accorded the benefit of a free shipping label. Depop is also a similar app for purchasing and selling voguish clothes.

LetGo is an impressive app for clothes and even home-goods furnishing a neighbourly attitude, emphasizing local sales, thereby eliminating postal fees presenting a hassle-free and personal transaction platform. But if your priority is price flexibility and sales support, with all the premier brands from Gap to Louis Vuitton, then Tradesy is your panacea.

And the magic bullet for selling expensive clothes is The RealReal, where you will be able to gather 50-70% of the final sale price.

Pawn Shop

A Gift Card for Your Old Phones

If you have pampered your phone like your own baby, then there are multifarious means to mint money. Gazelle is one such website that facilitates selling your old smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Now, if your phone is not resembling its glorious yesteryears with a cracked screen, you can opt for Amazon or Best Buy that can provide you money in the form of small gift cards. This is also applicable in an Apple store, where you can trade your phone for immediate store credit or your used phone for an Apple gift card.

 If You Possess an Odd Item, Try a Pawn Shop

Before you come to a consensus on which pawn shop, do your extensive research. If you possess that unique item, then your perfect pawn shop may be just around the corner. All you got to do is rack your brains and embark on that evening stroll to the right pawn shop. You have the freedom to negotiate prices and transcend your item alluring before you bring it in.

People Who Unfurled Their Junk Evolving into A Fortune

proverbial riches

Who does not get emboldened when listening to a rag to riches chronicle? The answer is quite simple; everyone cheers up. For some caressed by Lady Luck, these proverbial riches materialized into millions without them realising its actual worth.

For the farmer, that valuable relic of a meteor costing around $100,000 was merely a clutter used as a doorstop to the guy who unintentionally purchased an authentic copy of the Declaration of Independence. These individuals are living testimony validating the proposition that one man’s rubbish is truly another man’s fortune.

proverbial riches

Alphonse and a Bottle of Cognac

It was in the year of 1870, a man named Alphonse went on a hunt for a job to Cognac. And during that period, he was paid in bottles of Cognac and not as cash. Ultimately after years, three of these bottles were unearthed from his family cellar in perfect condition.

Finally, the largest bottle among the three discovered went for auction with Sotheby’s and was sold for a cosmic $144,525. This was the oldest Cognac relic ever sold at auction, dating back to 1840.

The Painting Valued at Millions

This unidentified woman hailing from Compiegne, France, was all prepared to vend her house for which an auctioneer was brought to estimate her paraphernalia. The auctioneer had her eyes fixed on the painting hanging in her kitchen. The revelation that the painting dated back to the 13th century and was the obliterated work of art by Florentine artist Cimabue was awe-inspiring.

This masterpiece, titled as Christ Mocked, was from an assortment of paintings portraying Jesus’ crucifixion. The most phenomenal element was the painting being sold for $26.8 million. Been through diverse eras from the French Revolution to COVID-19, proving pieces of art are resilient.

The Painting Valued at Millions

Scott Amos and Nintendo Video Game

The purging process executed in his childhood home in Reno ushered the discovery of an unopened Nintendo Kid Icarus video game by Scott Amos. This was unfolded in a shopping bag with the attached receipt showing that it was purchased for $38.45 from JC Penny.

The game sold online for $9000 simply because to unravel a sealed copy is a blend of an unusual and historical occurrence. With this fortune, Amos decided to relive his childhood days and planned on a trip to Disney World with his older sister.

 A British Family and a Chess Piece

A medieval chessboard was crafted in 1831 with chess pieces fashioned from walrus ivory on the Isle of Lewis. However, a total of five articles had vanished. Finally, the discovery was made in 2019 when a family in Edinburgh brought it to Sotheby’s.

They had inherited it from their grandfather, who had bought the piece 55 years ago for $6. These pieces have been restored at the British Museum and the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. The piece was sold for a mammoth $1.2 million.